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Does this look like it could be your basement?

Undoubtedly the first emotion that arises when a move is imminent is confusion. “How will I ever get out of here?” is the question I hear most often. You will and it will not be a stressful time if I am involved.

Together, or alone, I will go through the process of organizing your possessions to gift to family members, donate to charitable institutions and receive a tax deduction or sell.

I have found that many people, including myself, were adverse to hosting an estate/tag sale in their home which would allow the public to come in and purchase furniture, bric-a-brac, art work, etc. Many condominium and areas do not permit such sales. Recognizing that need I have teamed with an extremely reputable and experienced appraiser and estate sale specialist. We have the capability of hosting online auctions while your possessions are still in place.

Depending on where your move will take you, I can assist in making choices and decisions as to how you can utilize what you presently own in your new destination.

I can completely set up your new place by unpacking, setting up beds, linens, kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, etc. I provide grocery shopping service. There is nothing I can’t do! When you arrive it will be all ready for the "First Day of the Rest of Your Life".

Just one example, change thru divorce. Life happens. Marriages grow apart... children are shared between two homes.

I work closely with the parent who will be setting up the new residence for the children. Being a mother of three boys having lived through the experience, I know what it takes to make "home" comfortable.

I was called in to create a new home for a newly single gentleman on the South Shore of Long Island. He was a professional with little time or knowledge of where to begin. He called me.

His daughter liked the colors purple with black accessories. I considered her age, 12 at the time, and went about the task of finding accessories, comforters, etc. which were, hopefully, what she wanted. I used a neutral palette of white and placed throw pillows, a blanket, a lamp, an area rug and artwork to tie in her theme. Simply said, she loved her new room.

The son was a huge baseball fan. I used a blue palette for the walls and coordinated lamps, his framed photos, signed baseballs, etc. to create a 10 year old boy's comfortable setting. Again, extremely pleased.

I set up the house with everything from band-aids to peanut butter. The den had a comfy blanket for a snuggly movie, furniture was placed so that all can view tv from all angles. Video games were hooked up and a cabinet for the controls nearby so that order could be restored after playing.

The bathroom had soap, towels, hairdryers and toothpaste, tissues and spare toilet tissue. The kitchen had dishes, glasses, placemats and utensils, frying pans, pots, toaster oven and electric mixer. The bedrooms had sheets and pillows, lamps and framed photos that they gave me for their personalization. Everything you could possibly think of to begin this new journey.

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